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Recruiting has been the cornerstone of our business since the firm was founded in 1988. Our core business is identifying and assessing outstanding individuals and recruiting them into roles where they can make an immediate contribution. Many of our clients exclusively rely on our timely and efficient assistance in recruiting for all of their positions. This includes Professional, Administrative, Technical, and Service positions. We manage all facets of the Recruiting process such as advertising, correspondence with candidates, transmitting e-mails and having phone conversations with qualified (and unqualified) candidates. We identify top talent by networking with professional and trade organizations, evaluating resumes, scheduling interviews, arranging assessments, summarizing credentials, and negotiating the final offer.


Our candidates are thoroughly pre-screened and assessed prior to client referral. We offer interviewing services, reference checking, and background investigation services on an a la-carte basis. We are an approved supplier for background checks based on a thorough audit of our premises including tight internal control of sensitive information.