Recent Human Resources Consulting Projects

  • February 20, 2017
  • West Michigan Intermediate School District Labor Market Study
    • We conducted a comprehensive Labor Market Study for over 50 unique positions which included position description analysis (position analysis questionnaire completion), on-site interviews with incumbents (position audits), development of position descriptions, crafting of an internal job evaluation plan to assess internal equity, an external labor market study gathering date from 14 sources for each position, the development of pay ranges, and an implementation strategy. This project has since been approved and adopted by the Board of Directors.
  • Mid-Michigan Community Bank Performance Appraisal
    • Based on input from the Board and the Regulators, a structured and organization specific performance evaluation was developed to assess the performance of the first-year bank President. Board members and industry compliance officers provided criteria which was then used in the development of measurable and actionable performance standards. This evaluation has since been used for annual evaluations and was approved for use by the Regulators.
  • Central Michigan School Business Officials HR Presentation
    • Our Consultants presented at the annual Central Michigan School Business Officials meeting on the upcoming changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act and reviewed best practices in Recruiting and Pre-Employment Assessments.
  • Northwest Michigan Intermediate School District Labor Market Study
    • We conducted a Labor Market Salary Survey for 44 positions employed by a Northwest Michigan ISD. The purpose of the study was to ensure staff salaries are competitive with the defined external labor market, verify internal equity between positions, and establish objective methods for evaluating future positions. This study was conducted in support of a primary goal of the school district to attract, recruit, retain, and motivate well-qualified professional, technical, and administrative staff. This project has since been approved and adopted by the Board of Directors. The work done on this project also supported the adoption of a merit based pay system that garnered support from the union and to our knowledge, this school district is among the first public schools in the state to adopt a merit-based pay system.
  • Mid-Michigan County Evaluation Workshop
    • Led a presentation for the annual County Department Directors meeting to review performance evaluation strategies, techniques and methods. The current evaluation system in use was also bolstered to incorporate essential practices in goal and objective setting.
  • Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO) Presentations
    • This past year, we championed MSBO’s first ever state-wide salary survey consisting of 10 business positions. This was the first salary survey they have ever attempted to conduct and over 250 organizations participated. This data has since been used by members to benchmark pay and develop externally equitable pay ranges. We also gave presentations on Compensation Trends in Michigan and The Use of Pre-Employment Assessment in Selection Top Talent.
  • Mid-Michigan Technology Consulting Firm Employee Handbook Update
    • After meeting with the Executive Leadership to review their needs, we analyzed the current employee manual for State and Feral compliance before making additional recommendations to protect the organization and outline key organizational protocols for the employees. This handbook was reviewed by our external legal council for approval before presentation and implementation.